Google Allo desktop version similar to WhatsApp

Google allo”desktop” mode reveals a little more, revealing an operation similar to that of WhatsApp. Prepare your QR Code!

In February, Nick Fox, Vice President of communication product from Google, foreshadowed the arrival of Google allo on computers. Fragments of this feature are already in version 9.0 of the application and 9 to 5 Google managed to activate it partially.
The application allows to connect via a browser by scanning a QR Code, a feature already present on WhatsApp to discuss easily using his computer keyboard. For those not wishing to use their camera to identify themselves, Google allo offers however of this pair through a unique alphanumeric code.

Google Allo now launches content sharing

However, remember that this feature was activated manually and it is not yet finalized. The interface seen on these screenshots is therefore certainly not final. Moreover, no date on the deployment of this desktop version has been announced yet.

Google does not seem to seek to develop a real customer for its new instant messaging, but rather focus on accessibility for all. A choice which defends, but which also has its critics. Whatever it is, there is still a long way until Hello happens to be persuasive enough to dethrone not only WhatsApp, but also its other competitors such as Facebook Messenger, Lime and others.