Instagram Stories has more users than Snapchat

Instagram has just published the new Instagram Stories usage statistics. In a few months, the results are clear, the social network is managed to overcome Snapchat in its own market.

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Social media news was marked by the wave of features copied from Snapchat by Facebook these past months. We remember in particular the arrival of the Instagram Stories or more recently the addition of stickers, two elements that become a sort of clone of Snapchat Instagram.

Facebook completes its copy of Snapchat by launching stories and animated filters

Instagram Stories more than Snapchat less than a year

Unfortunately for Snapchat, it seems that copy pay on this market since after having caught up with the number of users daily snapchat in January, Instagram announcement now have exceeded its competitor.
In February, Snapchat announced have 158 million daily users. Instagram announced today have exceeded the 200 million users of Instagram Stories, with much better than Snapchat growth. We’re still far Instagram 600 millions of monthly users , but the result is impressive, less than a year after the launch of the service.