Samsung galaxy note 8 coming out very soon

I know you’re wondering, why did they bring another Note the last one Exploded. Well Samsung says, that they’re fans of the Note they are very very passionate about it and they love them some S-Pen.

So even though the specs on this phone are very similar to the galaxy S8 plus. There are few differences with the S-Pen that we need to talk about. But before we get into that, there’s a bunch of like standard phone stuff to get into.

So, the big thing with every single Note is that it has a gigantic screen and on the Note 8 it is gigantic, it is 6.3 inches. But it’s basically the same tech as you’ll see in the galaxy S8 and S8+. So, it’s 20 960 by 1440 and 18 by 5 by 9 aspect ratio. So, it’s very very tall. But the Samsung did a couple of things differently here, if you look at the curved screen and of course there is a curved screen. It curves a little bit less than it does on the galaxy S8 and S8 plus and that’s you more writing surface.

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Samsung says they’ve also added some better multitasking. So, what the things you can do it you can launch two apps and pair them together. So, in your launcher you’ll have like 2 app icons next to each other so if you always launch. I don’t know Messaging and memos. You can always have those pop up at the same time it was a pretty nice not a lot of people do as much all the multitasking as they could on these big phones.

They having S-Pen to drag the window size, it makes it more convenient and as long as you’re talking about S-Pen let’s show you some other new stuff that you can do. So, my favorite feature is they have this thing called a live message so you’ve happen this little pop up that comes up from the S-Pen and you can start drawing on it. But when you draw the message you can then save it as a standard animated GIF. So when you send it out by you know text message “I LOVE YOU” if you’re crazy or whatever messenger service you’re using it will work with this thing and when it gets receive the other end actually get to watch the animation happen. It’s kind of similar to what you can do with an iPhone an iMessage but it works across basically every single app and of course the S-Pen stylus does. What S-Pen have always done if you pull it out the screen off you can take a note directly on the off screen although now on Note 8 you can add up to 100 pages to your meeting note if you want, which is nice. The slightly larger screen and S-Pen aren’t the only reasons to pick that Note 8 over the galaxy S8 plus or the galaxy S8.

The other big reasons are the cameras. Samsung is putting dual cameras inside the Note 8 without having a big old camera bump on them and they’re doing a lot of really cool stuff with these two lenses. So first of all they’re both 12 Megapixel, One is a wide angle lens and One is a telephoto lens. So, you can turn on dual capture, and what that does is it takes a live focus you can see it got a blur and everything else going on here but. But it also takes a both, the wide angle and the telephoto, so you’ve got different options.

So, it’s Samsung’s flagship phone so you expect flagships specs and flagship right now means a few really straightforward things. It means the snapdragon 835 processor in the US will use external stuff out pulse for in the world. It means 6 gigabytes of RAM and a default 64 gigs of storage and US, but it’s expandable micro SD on your own it. It also means it has a 3300-milliamp battery we don’t know how long it’s gonna cause this thing to last. I’m sure that Samsung would tell you a day you do know that, that battery has gone to Samsung brand new super safe Eight step process to keep explosions from happening and it’s easy to make explosion jobs and of course of doing it like easy things up but the S8 and the S8 plus haven’t had any problem so it’s probably safe to assume that this will new Note will not have any problems either.

Last but not least both the phones and you know the stylus part IP 68 which means it is resistant to water and dust when you drop this thing toilet or you drop the stylus just drop in the toilet you’ll be fine.

One more thing that’s super interesting to me because I’m super nerd Samsung has updated decks which is this phone dock that you can plug it into and then it turns the phone into computer you can use on your monitor with a keyboard and a mouse it’s way faster now to switching between phone and desktop, is bam bam. it used to take them like up to a minute to make that switch happened it is basically like a like a Chromebook running android it feels really good use.

You will see there’s an extra button underneath the volume buttons, that is for bixby Samsung’s personal assistant that is designed to help you figure out how to do stuff on the phone and not compete directly with siri and google assistant and whatever you can hold it down to lunch pixie voice you probably can’t remap it. Because you definitely can’t do that on S8 and S8 plus.

It’s there Samsung’s trying to build an ecosystem and we’ll see how they do with that. So, what we know about the Note 8 well we know it’s big, it’s a Note, they’re really big we know that has good performance we know that it has some really intriguing cameras that I’m very excited Test out against current generation iPhone’s and even the next generation iPhone’s. We know it has S-Pen and we know what’s coming soon and last but not least in US. We know it’s only coming in black and gray. We may get some other options in the future but we don’t know yet is release date or a price but I anticipate the release date is very soon and the price is very high.