Samsung galaxy Note 8 Unveiled Specifications, Functions and Price

Long-awaited Samsung galaxy Note 8, it was unveiled today and right off the back you can see very familiar phone not just because it was like everywhere but because it’s pretty much pick right up where the notes 7 left off last year before all of its battery problems.

Samsung galaxy note 7 burn

I want to try not to make any explosion jokes during entire review see how I do.

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But yeah it is true so some people it’s boring but to me and to many others it’s pretty exciting because this is the 2017 version of last year’s phone which was already really good and had a chance of being my favorite phone last year before the recall.


So, there’s a couple main changes to Note 8, that set it in place for this year new display and design up front new dual cameras around the back. Some updated S-PEN features and new specs that’s the core what’s happening here so the quickest place to start would definitely be to specs snapdragon a 35 60s Ram 3300 milli amp hour battery and android 7.1 right out the box.

So, write about you’d expect not the biggest battery in the world since they’re not pushing it to the absolute limit. but of course, fast charging and wireless charging are on board for those who use it and then you have the slightly updated design with the new display up front with a 6.3 inch 18 and half by 9 quad HD super AMOLED display and It just looks incredible.

You can see it, thin bezel of course since it’s 2017, Up top and on the bottom. And it has a slightly curved corner of the display to like the S8 had. But it’s a huge display and it’s a big phone too don’t get me wrong but of course the thin bezels make it feel like it’s fit in the same body size or same footprint that’s not really much bigger at all than last year’s phone it’s crazy how reasonable this phone makes a 6.3 inch display look.

But Other design changes yes this phone does not have a bixby button kind saw that coming from a mile way but they’re doubling down on it and maybe you know bixby’s improving getting software updates getting better and a lot of people are of course pretty bummed to buy the fingerprint placement up on the top of the back of the phone the fingerprint reader and actually wasn’t that concerned with it when I was playing with the phone, but then I remembered my hands aren’t the same size everybody’s so if you hand this phone to someone with normal sized hands it will definitely be a different experience so I get it it would be way more reachable somewhere else like that middle of the back but then it would also be I think way more ugly and I think Samsung has roped themselves into putting it all the way up with the rest of the back facing sensors there in that rectangle kind own fault there.

NOTE 8 iris scanning and facial recognition

Either way it’s phone has you know iris scanning and facial recognition and some other ways of securing your gone by magically if you just can’t stand at back facing fingerprint sensor.

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note 8 s pen

The S-Pen is also now improved since this is a note, so anyone who uses this will definitely appreciate it. The tip is thinner that’s like the number. One thing I noticed right away and it also has even more levels of pressure sensitivity and in the software, that may improvements to all the stuff it works with so like screen off notes and actually the wheel that pops up when you first take out the S-Pen.


I don’t know if you could do this with the last note but you can spend around and even add whatever apps you want to that carousels so it kind of acts like another quick launch carousel which is pretty cool in case you have a certain other assistance. You like to launch my favorite new software feature though in this note is actually being able to launch 2 apps at once in split screen with a single touch so in apps edge you can create an app pair like say YouTube and the browser for example and touching it launches them both. Side by side that’s definitely going to get me to use split screen a bit more even as awesome as huge display like this is I found myself not using split screen very much on previous notes and Samsung phones, But i realized like if you have this good set up like this you just up a couple of good ones like Spotify and Google maps for example a lot of musical driving driving I’ll definitely use that more often so I can kind of dig into that but that’s pretty much it for new software stuff happening if you use an S8 or a note 7 you’ve seen that style this look before there isn’t a laundry list of new features with the software.


Samsung goes so easily the biggest new headlining feature new change with the galaxy note 8 is the cameras around the back so note 8 is now rocking to 12-megapixel cameras on the back one with the normal wide-angle lens. And the other with a telephoto lens a 2 X optical zoom just like iPhone 7 plus does. But the difference with these is they’re both optically stabilized so in theory it should work more often in low light than the iPhone’s in theory. And Samsung tossed a couple pretty cool features to work with the combo of cameras as you’d expects so they have a little 1 X and 2 X button now to switch between the lenses that everyone’s doing I get it it’s simple it works no complaints.

But you can now see some new photo modes including one called Live focus which is just like portrait mode at first on the iPhone’s so it moves to the 2 X telephoto lens and blurs a background but then you can change the level of background blur live as the name implies and see exactly how much you wanna blurred before you take the picture so it’s definitely artificially adding blur and then once you take the picture you can go to the gallery but with these it also simultaneously captures a photo with the wide angle lens and a telephoto lens seen time and you can also now still adjust the level of added background blur after you’ve taken the photo which is pretty awesome so now obviously I want keep messing with the camera to see how good this blur effect actually is you know that handles edges well if there’s a difference in temperature between telephoto and wide angle lenses.

samsung note 8 price


So,  all this stuff will be tested for the for the full review but in summary I’m pretty optimistic for the phone much of that is obviously because Samsung has a pretty damn good track record with a lot of that stuff a lot of times to get a new phone coming out and you don’t know if you can be optimistic or not and this Note 8 is going to be expensive phone coming in at around 1000 US dollars retail when it drops on September 15 so you really want to be able to trust what it’s gonna do is everything you want but like I said Samsung has a track record you know it had great cameras in our phones in the past they’ve had a great track record with displays they’ve had the best display in any smart phone for the past two three years. Battery life has yet to be seen and software updates are always a toss-up but as a package note 8 to me is looking pretty damn hot.

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