what is seo search engine optimization

Surely you have heard of the search site promotion. Even if you are not familiar with this language, you know very well that there are search engines (Yandex, Google, Rambler and others), which give users a list of sites in response to input requests (for example, “rent an apartment”, “delivery lunches in the office» or “hotels near Moscow”). And some sites are located on the first places in the search engine, and some can be found by scrolling through a few pages.

It is search engine optimization (or, as it is called, search engine optimization) just served to your site out for the best seats, ie TOP. In more research, search engine optimization of the site (search engine promotion, website promotion, SEO – SearchEngineOptimization) – is a set of measures to improve the position of website in search engines results pages on a pre-selected requests.

Why Your Company Needs SEO optimization?

If the recent past, the Internet was used primarily to search for information, but today the situation has changed dramatically.The increasing number of Internet users, new technology (communication with the target audience via the website, payment system via the Internet, the ability to order on-line, etc.) and many other factors have transformed the Internet and in the most powerful marketing tool in place for sales simultaneously. For example, e-commerce boom is definitely proves that skillfully used the Internet technologies bring stable profits for website owners.

Internet promotion can be effective for all companies, the potential audience that is looking for similar goods or services on the Internet. According to statistics, the number of Internet users is increasing every year, it is now more than a third of Russians use the Internet. And it is this audience is very attractive for business because it has a high purchasing power.Think thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people every day looking for your products and find competitors’ products! And because more agile competitors have already taken the best places in the search results. You too can take this “place in the sun” – it needs to start the search engine optimization of the site.

Why is the site you need to have it on the first places in the search engines?

There are several reasons.

Firstly, the top places in the search engines can be compared with the prestigious areas of the city. Typically, the first impression a customer gets of the company prior to visiting the organization, knowing where it is located. The prestigious area, the greater the confidence of the client feeds, and therefore more chance that it will choose you. Powered stereotype: if the company is located in the city center, this thriving company. Similarly, this stereotype works and SEO promotion. Sites that are in the TOP – this is usually the most respected web sites.

Secondly, good location attracts many more visitors. At the sites located on the first ten positions (TOP-10, ie the first page of issue), will pay attention to more than 95-minute (!) Percent of users. If the search engine produces the firm’s website on the fourth page, and further, that in less than 2-percent of users have the patience to dolistat this page.

Therefore, the higher the resource to the TOP, the more traffic it will have. We recommend on the most important demands to be in the top 5 search results.

Why is it important to choose a list of requests?

Of course, search engine optimization – is a very effective way to attract customers, but with one caveat: it should fulfill professionals. And it is not so much that the inept optimization can cost penalty to your site, and that the number of visitors will increase, and the number of buyers – not. To promote yielded the best results, you need to decide on a list of requests and promoted with the promotion strategy.

Why not move detrimental to the search engines?

There are situations when the user has already chosen several alternatives and tend to apply to your company and the company’s competitors for more information. Then the user is looking for sites and contact these organizations. In such a situation a few open city telephone directory or call the help desk to find out information. Most will seek information on the Internet. And if the site is not SEO-optimized, the user will most likely simply will not find information about companies on the internet! Today’s internet user is very spoiled and not used to spend a lot of time searching. Do not you find – turn to competitors, the search for which information will be easier and faster. Agree, it is very frustrating to lose customers who have wanted to write to you, but just could not do it.

It is clear that for most companies SEO site optimization – it is a necessary and effective marketing tool. The question remains: how does this mechanism work? The answer to this can be found in the section “Stages and terms of work of SEO promotion” .