whatsapp : change number and live location sharing update

According to some lines of code identified by the biggest fans of the brand, the application would win 2 new features soon: change a number account easily, and share its location with its close relatives. Two features that have been waiting for a long time, and that should soon be released.

Who still uses SMS? If not to discuss with their parents less computer-aware, the youth has massively turned to the various instant discussion applications available on the Play Store.

Google Allo desktop version similar to WhatsApp

An understandable movement since these are much more adapted to the new types of communication they use. While Messenger has gone over 1.2 billion users , WhatsApp (which has passed it a long time ago) will soon be up to date.

Share your location and change numbers on WhatsApp

Indeed, the binbuzz community has dug the latest beta versions of the application, and discovered that the number change will evolve soon. Specifically, the feature was discovered on the Windows Phone version, and allows to send a general message to its contacts to prevent them.

Another feature: sharing your live location will soon be possible, and will allow you to leave the possibility to a discussion group or a simple friend to find you when they want:

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Just like Google Maps live location sharing , you can of course make it stop automatically after a certain time. The goal is not to be able to track you when you want, but simply to allow others to follow your route.

It seems that this famous functionality is more and more requested: one no longer counts the applications that integrate it these days. To believe that the many GPS on Android is no longer enough: now your friends are virtually on the road with you!